Volunteer Firefighter Job Description

The volunteer firefighter:
  • Responds to alarms of fire or other emergencies
  • Reports to company officer for instructions
  • Performs duties as outlined in firefighting procedure for the suppression of fires such as: laying of lines, raising of ladders, ventilation, forcible entry, etc.
  • Performs such other duties in line of rescue or first aid as required
  • Assumes certain responsibility for servicing and maintenance of fire equipment
  • When assigned by an officer, may drive certain fire apparatus or equipment
  • Maintains fire station and grounds
  • Operates certain fire apparatus at fires
  • Conducts training and instructional programs in lieu of an officer on the scene
  • May assume command of the fire or emergency in the absence of an officer.
A person must be 18 years of age to be eligible to become a volunteer firefighter.A new firefighter must serve a probationary period of twelve months.All firefighters must have a valid and current EMS Certificate within 90 days after being accepted.

In general, all firefighters regardless of rank or the company to which they belong shall be trained to handle any and all of the fire apparatus provided. They are also to act in any desired capacity in handling emergency medical or firefighting equipment and in other related duties. They shall remain at their posts of duty unless excused by a superior officer and shall return with apparatus from fires, alarms or drills to the fire station.

All firefighters upon an alarm in the fire district shall report for duty as outlined in the Rules and Regulations, with all possible speed, consistent with safety. A valid Washington State Driver's License is required of all personnel at all times.

Shall be appointed by the Chief of the Department, according to the rules established by the Board of Fire Commissioners.

Shall be assigned to a station and subordinate to the ranking of officers of the fire district.

Shall be engaged in preventing, controlling, extinguishing fires, and shall give aid in the saving of lives.

Shall follow the operating standards, policies, and practices as prescribed by the Chief of the Department. All new volunteers are expected to pass and complete the department Rookie Class.

Shall perform other related duties as assigned by a ranking officer.

Must be a U.S. citizen who can read and write the English language.

Must have graduated from or be in attendance at an accredited high school (or have a GED certificate).

Pass a background check.

Pass a minimum physical examination.

Must be of good moral character and of temperate and industrious habits.

Conviction of a felony or misdemeanor involving drugs, theft, or sex offenses will be grounds for rejection of the applicant.

Must reside in or close to Clark County Fire District 6.

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