Thank You from the Fire Chief

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EMS Levy Renewal – Thank You!!

The results of the EMS Levy renewal vote are in and our community voiced their support loud and clear – you value the excellent Emergency Medical Services that we are proud to provide. Our job will be to continue providing the best service possible 24/7/365 in a responsible and transparent manner.

Your resounding yes vote for the EMS Levy tells us that you share our goals of providing effective use of resources, prompt response times, stable service, and our objective of a healthy, safe and informed community.


Following this supportive yes, we will continue to show you exactly where your resources go. We value our community support and your trust, and we will maintain our transparency.

It is no secret that our communities are growing, in fact Clark County is one of the fasting growing areas in the state. We now serve 75,000 people over 37 square miles, including Hazel Dell, Salmon Creek, Felida, Mt. vista, Lake Shore and the Fairgrounds.

The EMS Levy is a six-year levy that provides 25% of our entire budget. This levy is vital to our ability to provide Emergency Medical Services.  Each of our fire engines are staffed with Firefighter EMTs as well as Firefighter Paramedics which provides you with the best emergency medical service available.

We continue to plan for efficiency and effectiveness, and are constantly striving to improve. These plans have the end goal of District 6 becoming a fully self-sufficient fire service agency, providing optimal service to our community.

Besides improvements within the Fire District, we also want to develop a healthy, safe, and informed community. Let’s face it, the best medical emergency is the one that never happens. We are going to increase community involvement and develop programs for our high risk populations and our increasing diverse populations.


It is a big word. But we feel it’s crucial that you know where your money is going. We pledge to keep you informed as we grow together. You have supported us, put your trust in us and that is greatly appreciated by the men and women of Clark County Fire District 6.