Badge Pinning

The Badge Pinning Ceremony recognizes the entry of a firefighter’s career and marks each promotion. While it might seem odd to mark the beginning of a career with such fanfare, the probationary firefighter has already jumped through quite a few hoops before making it to this point. Besides the training, certifications and experience they bring with them, they have also completed a very competitive testing process. Before being hired, the probationary firefighter has successfully taken a written exam, a physical agility test, completed an assessment center, panel interview, a chief’s interview and a rigorous background check.  

Firefighter Paramedics Brian Legato and Josh Weston will have their badges pinned on Thursday February 6th.  This marks their last shift on days and transition to shift assignments.  Firefighter Paramedic Dennis Schafer and Firefighter Zach Hougan will be pinned at their North Bend graduation.