Be a Firefighter While in High School? Sure!

Working as a first responder is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs you’ll ever find. And thanks to a partnership between Clark County Fire District 6 and Cascadia Tech Academy, high school Juniors and Seniors can get a head start on a career in public safety.

In addition to studying fire science and emergency medicine, the Fire Cadet program teaches skills in team building, decision-making, and problem solving. Is it physically demanding? You bet it is! Yet we split time between classroom lectures and learning hands-on skills taught by experienced firefighters. This is not your average classroom.

Cadets participate in training exercises and are given instruction in advanced first aid/CPR, and if you get a grade of “B” or better you may get college credit through Portland Community College.

If you attend Columbia River, Evergreen, Fort Vancouver, Hudson’s Bay, Mountain View, Skyview or Vancouver Flex and are interested in this career development program, please contact your school’s career counselor and apply online at Cascadia Tech Academy,   

Questions? You can also call Captain Chris Grant: (360) 949-8150