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Board Resolutions


R2019-01 Final Fire Budget
R2019-02 Final EMS Budget
R2019-03 MOU Treasurer and FD6 Responsibilities
R2019-04 Increase Property Tax Collection 1% Above Previous Year
R2019-05 2020 Preliminary Fire Suppression Budget
R2019-06 Increase Property Tax Collection 1% Avove Previous Year
R2019-07 2020 Preliminary EMS Budget
R2019-08 (Treasurer Establish Bank Acouunts 11-19-2019
R2018-01 Alternative Fuel Exemption
R2018 2018 Final Fire Budget
R2018-03 2018 Final Emergency Medical Services Budget
2018-04 Revised 2018 Fire Budget
R2017-01 Reimburse Capital Expenditures
R2017-02 System of Bond Registration
R2017-03 Bond Resolution
R2017-04 Final 2017 Fire Budget
R2017-05 Final 2017 Emergency Medical Services Budget
R2017-06 Reimbursement to General Fund 6212 from Capital Projects 6223
R2017-07 Revised 2017 Fire Budget
R2017-08 Admin Statt Donation of Sick Leave
R2017-09 & R2017-10 1% Increase and 2018 Preliminary Fire Budget
R2017-11 & R2017-12 1% Increase and 2018 Preliminary EMS Budget
R2016-01 Final 2016 Fire Budget
R2016-02 Final 2016 Emergency Medical Services Budget
R2016-03 EMS Levy Submittal
R2016-04 Amended 2016 Fire Budget
R2016-05 EMS Levy General Election Provisional
R2016-06 Revised 2016 Fire Budget
R2016-07 Volunteer Reimbursement
R2016-08 Revised 2016 Fire Budget
R2016-09 and R2016-10 Preliminary Fire Budget
R2016-11 2017 Preliminary EMS Budget
R2015-01 Final 2015 Fire Budget
R2015-02 Final 2015 EMS Budget
R2015-03 Excessive Use of Emergency Medical Services
R2015-04 Fire Lid Lift
R2015-05 2016 Preliminary Fire Budget
R2015-06 Substantial Need Resolution - EMS
R2015-07 1% Increase Authorization - EMS
R2015-08 2016 Preliminary Emergency Medical Services Budget
R2014-01 Final 2014 Fire Budget
R2014-02 Final 2014 Emergency Medical Services Budget
R2014-03 Authorization to Invoice Hazardous Materials Spillers
R2014-04 Capital Reserve Fund
R2014-05 1% Fire Levy Increase for 2015
R2014-06 Preliminary 2015 Fire Budget
R2014-07 1% EMS Levy Increase for 2015
R2014-08 Preliminary 2015 EMS Budget
R2013-01 Revised Preliminary Fire Budget
R2013-02 Revised Preliminary EMS Budget
R2013-03 Final 2013 Fire Budget
R2013-04 Final 2013 Emergency Medical Services Budget
R2013-05 Revised 2013 Fire Budget
R2013-06 Purchasing Card Policy and Procedure
R2013-07 Purchasing Card User Authorization
R2013-08 Revised 2013 Fire Budget
R2012-01 Use of District Credit Cards
R2012-04 Fund 6213 Closed
R2012-05 Revised 2012 Fire Budget
r2012-06 Revised 2012 EMS Budget
R2011-01 Volunteer Reimbursement Schedule
R2011-05 Authorized Credit Card Users
R2011-07 Revised 2011 Fire Budget
R2011-08 Revised 2011 Emergency Medical Services Budget
R2011-09 Declaration of Substantial Need - 1% Increase
R2011-10 Authorization for 1% Increase
R2011-11 Adoption of 2012 Preliminary Fire Budget
R2011-12 Adoption of 2012 Preliminary EMS Budget
R2011-13 WFCA Joint Insurance Plan Interlocal Agreement
R2010-01 Final 2010 Fire Budget
R2010-02 Final 2010 Emergency Medical Services Budget
R2010-03 Resolution for EMS Levy - Primary Election
R2010-04 Resolution for EMS Levy - General Election
R2009-01 Appointment of Agent to Receive Claims
R2009-02 Board Members to Receive Clothing and Briefcase
R2009-03 Final 2009 Fire Budget
R2009-04 Final 2009 Emergency Medical Services Budget