Burn To Learn

The scene from a training burn in 2016.

On Saturday, October 26th,  firefighters from Clark County Fire District 6 and Clark County Fire and Rescue will be burning a house at 17112 NW 41st Avenue. The house is being demolished at the request of the owner. Starting around 8 a.m. firefighters will set and extinguish a series of fires in the  house. Eventually they’ll allow it to burn to the ground. 

Training burns provide critical realistic training for firefighters. One of the best learning environments is actual hand-on experience dealing with live fire. House burn drills allow your firefighters to learn the limits of their equipment and tactics in an educational, non-emergency environment. These exercises are just one example of how your firefighters sharpen their skills so that, in time of need, you will receive the highest level of service possible. 

Though not likely, if smoke from the blaze lingers around your home please keep doors and windows shut. And if you live on Northwest 41st and you’re not on a well you may wish to refrain from doing laundry or washing dishes during the burn as there’s a slight chance that sediment in the water lines may be stirred up when the hydrant is flowing. If you have any questions about this training exercise please contact Training Captain Chris Grant at (360) 949-8150