Cadets Transfer Leadership Roles

About the same time every year Fire Cadets at Clark County Fire District 6 prepare to transfer leadership roles…from the existing Senior class to the Senior class of 2022-23. The new leadership team is determined by scholastic achievement, skill improvement, followership, leadership, peer support, performance and the recommendation of the outgoing Senior Cadets. Here’s a breakdown of the new leadership class:

Cadet Chief: Outgoing Chief Emmalei hands the Chief’s helmet to incoming Chief Dylan


Cadet Battalion 1: Outgoing Battalion Chief 1 Theo passes command to incoming Battalion Chief Lily


Cadet Battalion 2: Outgoing Battalion Chief 2 Woodruff passes the helmet to incoming BC 2 Lukas


“I am proud of the Leadership Team selected to carry on the traditions of the Clark 6 Cadet program, and to provide direction and mentorship as we welcome 25 high school Juniors and Seniors to next year’s program,” says Fire Cadet Lead Instructor and Training Captain, Chris Grant.