Ceremony Recognizes Water Rescuers

From left to right: Officer Francis Reagan, CCFD6 Members Firefighter Tony Lothspeich, Firefighter Bill Dunlap, and Captain Scott Johns

On Saturday, May 4th members of the Clark County Technical Rescue Team was called in to a daring rescue attempt in the turbulent, icy-cold Washougal river. Before they arrived a Washougal Police officer and Firefighter from Camas/Washougal Fire were trying to hold a woman’s head above the rising waters. She and her partner had been rafting when their rafts overturned and she was trapped by rocks and debris in the fast-moving water. 

Through good fortune, constant training, and dogged determination rescuers were able to save 28-year-old . And on Tuesday, July 16th, Chief Kristan Maurer honored the TRT members who are members of Clark County Fire District 6. Here’s a short clip from KATU-TV regarding the ceremony: 

Operations Chief Kristan Maurer address the crowd at our Recognition Ceremony (CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE VIDEO)