District 6 Rating May Save You Some Cash

In golf the lowest score is the winner. And for Clark County Fire District 6, a lower score means those who pay home or business insurance premiums could be the big winners.

How about a little background? 

We’ll start with the Washington Surveying and Ratings Bureau. Simply put, the WSRB is an agency that rates the performance of fire departments and districts in the state of Washington. They study everything from the distribution of fire stations, water supply, pumping capacity, and a whole lot more. The final score, or Protection Class “rating” can have a direct influence on what insurance companies charge their customers in any given fire district.

Earlier this year the WSRB dropped our rating from a 4 to a 3. Remember, lower is better!  In Washington there are no districts that rate a “1”. 13 districts have a rating of “2”, and 49 have a “3” rating. That’s out of 343 Fire Districts, 12 Regional Fire Authorities, and 200 municipalities. Forgive us if we boast a little, but we’re proud members of a small group!

“It’s both great news and a sign that we are continuing to head in the right direction as a fire district,” says Fire Chief Jerry Green. “In the long run what this rating improvement means to the citizens of Clark County Fire District 6 is that they have a District committed to constant improvement.”

The District didn’t go it alone. We had huge help from the Clark County Board of Counselors, Clark County Fire Marshals Office, and the Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency (911 Center).

This rating change takes place October 1st, and owners in the District should contact their insurance carriers to tell them about the change and insure they qualify for a reduction, if any.