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Lid Lift Information-Online Meeting

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, we’ve moved our Levy Lid Lift meeting to Tuesday, March 24th at 6:30 p.m.  The meeting is on-line only. By clicking here you can listen to the meeting and provide comment. Go to ccfd6 to follow along with the powerpoint.

Our Board of Fire Commissioners will meet to discuss a resolution to place the measure on the August 4 Primary Election ballot. 


Clark County Fire District 6 provides fire protection and emergency medical service to 75,000 people over 37 square miles. Daily operations are funded through two levies paid through property taxes. The amounts are capped at the voter-approved rates of $1.50 for Fire and 50 cents for EMS (per $1,000 of assessed property value). Over time, these levy rates fall as property values rise to limit the Fire District to the same amount of revenue per year plus a one percent increase allowed by law. At times, we ask our community for a “lid lift” to return a levy to an amount previously approved by voters.

Lid lifts help us keep up with higher call volumes and the increase in demand for emergency services.

Our emergency personnel responded to 8,800 calls last year – 12.9 percent higher than the year before.

In fact, call volumes have increased almost 30 percent since our last Fire Levy lid lift in 2015. In that same time period, our Fire Levy has fallen from $1.50 to $1.16 per $1,000. The demand for emergency service requires more revenue than the one percent annual increase we receive. Training, firefighting, emergency medical service, improving facilities, replacing apparatus and equipment –these costs are out of our control, but represent real needs for our community.


That’s why our Fire District is considering asking voters to approve a fire levy lid lift. Our last lid lift was in 2015, and we completed all the promised projects. These projects improved our community insurance rating, which reduced insurance premiums for some home and business owners.


This Fire Levy lid lift would fund additional personnel to respond to higher call volumes; improve firefighter training; earthquake-proof our busiest station in Hazel Dell; and, add or replace aging apparatus. The additional cost to an owner of a $350,000 home would be approximately $9.92 per month. The goal is to pay for these project in cash as opposed to taking on debt, which costs taxpayers more due to interest payments.


We appreciate you considering our request. Fire Chief Kristan Maurer also is available to answer questions at (360) 576-1195 or