Lid Lift: “Where Does The Money Go?”



That’s a big word—an important word—for Clark County Fire District 6.

This summer you resoundingly said “yes” to our Levy Lid Lift. That tells us that you share our goals of providing effective use of resources, prompt response times, stable service, and developing a healthy, safe and informed community. Now that you said “yes”, we want to show you exactly where your resources go. In other words, we want to be completely transparent.

It’s no secret that our communities are growing; growing faster than most Counties and States in this Country. We now serve 75,000 people over 37 square miles, including Hazel Dell, Salmon Creek, Felida, Mt. vista, Lake Shore and the Fairgrounds.

Prior to the lid-lift passing we identified where to best make use of this resource. Where are we efficient? Where can we improve? Is our current staffing level correct for our level of calls? We found that over the last decade our call volume increased on average 5%, with 2019 jumping nearly 13%.

So, we decided we needed to hire eight new Firefighters/Paramedics, and two more to cover upcoming retiring members. We started a multi-phase approach to add a Fire Truck to the ranks of our apparatus. Our busiest station, Hazel Dell Station 61, remains unprepared in case of an earthquake. As a result, we’re starting the bid process to make the station earthquake proof and better meet our needs with a remodel.

Currently we need to rely on neighboring fire districts for additional support when needed. Every improvement we’re planning has the end goal of becoming a fully self-sufficient fire service agency.

Besides improvements within the Fire District, we also want to develop a healthy, safe and informed community. We’re redesigning the volunteer program in order to support public information and prevention. Let’s face it, the best fire to face is the one that never starts. We’re going to increase community involvement and develop programs for high risk populations as well as more diverse populations.


It is a big word. But we feel it’s crucial that you know where your money is going. And we pledge to keep you informed as we grow together.

You’ve put your trust in us, and that is greatly appreciated.