Memorial Tree Dedication

Pat McGraw’s favorite tree was the dogwood.

McGraw owned the property behind our old Station 63, and the sale of that property a number of years ago enabled us to vastly improve the station after it was rebuilt. And on this day, we wanted to honor the person who made this state of the art facility possible by planting his favorite tree: A dogwood.

Pat was able to witness the demolition of the existing house and shop–homes to his business, Spacemaster. But unfortuantely he died before the new building was complete. “We felt it was the right thing to do…to have a plaque here memorializing Pat,” says Fire Chief Kristan Maurer. “Without the sale of this property there’s no way we would have been able to complete this major upgrade.”

Members of Pat’s family were on hand to witness the planting, and several said that Pat would have been very proud to have a fire station on his land.