New Temporary Admin Office

Moving day is just around the corner.  Triggering the physical start of the $9 million dollar remodel of Station 61, the Administration side of the builiding will move into temporary quarters, located at 3205 NE 78th Street, Suite 10. Our move is scheduled for August 23rd.  Fire Suppression and EMS coverage will continue from Station 61, as remodeling crews from 2KG will start the studs down demo of the southern side of the building first.  After the admin side of the remodel is complete, fire crews will move in and contractors will start on the northern side of the building. Obviously a project of this magnitude is going to take some time.  We estimate it will be a year to 16 months before the project is complete. Besides the aesthetic improvements, the building will be brought up to modern-day code of seismic protection.

None of this would be possible without your support, and we thank the citizens of District 6 for letting us prepare for the future!