Two Engines at Station 63


For the first time since it opened, Salmon Creek Station 63 has two engine companies. Thanks to voters, we passed a levy lid-lift last year that enabled us to staff a second engine company, something desperately needed as call volumes in the area continue to increase.  Engine 64 replaces Squad 63. This chart will give you an idea of the number of calls we’re seeing so far this year:

January 2021

Total Incidents: 657                 

EMS Incidents: 590                   (608)

Fire Related Incidents: 66          (65)             

Total Responses: 796                        (January 2020 Comparison: 663)

Responses by unit:

E61      – 183

SQ61    – 183

E62      –  81

E63      – 163

SQ63    – 124

February 2021

Total Incidents: 590                  

EMS Incidents: 520                   (531)

Fire Related Incidents: 69          (65)             

Total Responses: 710                        (February 2020 Comparison: 596)

Responses by unit:

E61      – 170

SQ61    – 177

E62      –  71

E63      – 114

SQ63    – 116

What are the advantage of a fire engine over the squad? Well, the engine carries up to 4 people, which really comes in handy during calls that require CPR or large motor vehicle accidents like the ones we regularly see on the freeways that run near Station 63. The engine carries tools appropriate for vehicle accidents too, like the Jaws of Life. Of course one big advantage is that the engine carries 750 gallons of water and ladders for fire calls. Since it has more people and equipment it goes on more emergent calls. The engine carries an officer–a Captain who can take control in emergency situations.

We’ve seen this need growing over the past few years, and we want to thank our citizens for allowing us the appropriate equipment to serve!