What To Do With Unused Fireworks?

  • Every year there are those cases where the legal time light personal fireworks has come and gone and folks find that one bag of boomers and sparklers they forgot to use. Understandably, a lot of folks are uncomfortable about storing them for a year–probably a wise idea. So, the three tips for safe disposal of fireworks are:

  • SOAK: Submerge fireworks in a bucket of water and allow to soak overnight

  • WRAP: Double-wrap soaked fireworks in a plastic wrap or plastic bags so they don’t dry out

  • DISPOSE: Put wrapped bags in regular household garbage for pick up or you can take them to your local solid-waste facility

See? Not that hard. And if you have any questions or concerns and you live within the service boundary of Clark County Fire District 6 please give us a call:  (503) 576-1195